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Kicky ball world cup prediction competition

Postby Broken Wing » May 28th, 2010, 11:49 am

It's World Cup time and, as usual, we're not going. Without the heart-ruling-the-head fanaticism of Ireland's involvement you should be able to look on this World Cup with cold logic and easily determine the winner, right? Well here's your chance to prove it.
Sportguru is running a free online match predicting game (and as it's free the only prize is bragging rights). It's simpler than fantasy football as you just have to predict the winner of each match rather than select a team of players.
Scores are awarded as follows:
Win Points: 1 point if you get the winner (or draw) correct
Margin Points: Get the winner/draw right and you are eligible for margin points. .5 for the correct goal difference and/or .25 for each team score you get correct.
Bonus Point: Extra points for those within the pool who get the closest to the actual result. If you're bang on you get extra. If nobody's bang on but only you got the margin correct then you get extra.
So how do you get involved?
1: Go to
2: Log in or sign up with an email address but be aware when deciding which email address to use that the website will send you out occasional reminders if you haven't submitted your predictions.
3: I've set up the Handball Harriers pool so enter the code "swimwhee" to join the pool.
4: Predict match scores.
5: Send this on to anyone you think might be interested.
6: Try and figure out who to cheer for in the England France quarter final.
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