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Re: Busted | Alberto Contador tested positive for a stimulan

Postby Donny B. » February 17th, 2011, 10:00 pm

Sea_point wrote:Surely the Cycling governing body sanctions all major cyling events and as such could leave in place the worldwide ban for Contador.
Obviously there would likely be a conflict for events hosted in Spain; Tour Espana etc but as long as he's not allowed compete in tours outside the Spanish jurisdiction then that’s good enough for me...

Cycling and Athletics administrators are a laughing stock to be honest :roll: , they're up there with the circus that is Pro Boxing (did I mention I'm the undefeated Surrey Times Heavywieght World Champion, my mum is the Super-Middlewight champion.. :wink: )

Not for long, I have my Mam in training and she's going to kick your Ma's ass!!! :D

You're right, it is becoming a boxing-like administrative farce.

If they get away with this what's to stop each countrie's adminstrative body clearing their cyclists when it suits them?
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