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Re: Tour de France

Postby Schumi » July 18th, 2013, 12:22 pm

IanD wrote:Schumi I think you are being disingenuous. You miss my quote about David Walsh who lest we forget was one of the biggest detractors of the UCI and former doping cyclists who SKY have given unlimited access to the team. He has given them the all clear. Have any of the cheats given him access to their team? What would you like Sky to do to prove Froome is clean?
Paul Kimmage was extremely sceptical of Froome on Tuesday's Off the Ball and he was at least as critical of Armstrong and co. as Walsh. I don't understand how you can think Contador, etc. are cheating and be sure that the guy 5 minutes ahead of them is clean. I see that Sky have given l'Equipe some data from some of his climbs, hopefully this will provide some more insight.

Today Froome won the stage because of the bike change he made for the last descent. Team Sky's kit seems so much better than the other teams and also Froome tucked his head in more than any other rider which made him more aerodynamic. This comes from advanced testing in wind tunnels and the fact Dave Brailsford is Team GB Cycling coach. Team GB spent a fortune on bikes - testing and production - to help win medals. This seems to have been brought across, I have no definitive proof but the Time Trails bikes Wiggins rode in both the Tour and the Olympics were the same even had the same oval crank.
It's the big climbs that are more of a question to me. He's a good bit heavier than Contador and Quintana but is killing them up the mountains. His times have been up there with Armstrong's when he was 'winning' tours. Maybe Froome is that good but if it looks too good to be true, it would be naive to take him at his word.

I have to be honest here and say I have hitched my wagon to the Team Sky train with their anti doping stance and if someone on the team is caught doping I have to say I think it will be the last straw for me as a fan of cycling.
I can't put full faith in any cyclist at this stage tbh, and there are many other sports where I think drug use is rampant too that don't bother testing properly.
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Re: Tour de France

Postby IanD » July 18th, 2013, 12:51 pm

Schumi I am not sure there is any point continuing this conversation if you believe it is all dirty. Personally I think that is sad because some teams Sky and Garmin in particular are really trying to change the sport but that is up to you.
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Re: Tour de France

Postby Schumi » July 18th, 2013, 1:03 pm

I don't think they're all dirty. It's certainly a lot cleaner than 5-10 years ago when you couldn't take any of the top guys seriously, I just think it's silly to ignore any questions over these exceptional performances.

Regardless, the stage is nicely set up so far. Nico Roche bridging the gap to the break away. I'd love to see him get the win today but I'm afraid that all the work he's put in for Contador will count against him.
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Re: Tour de France

Postby Lar » July 22nd, 2013, 3:12 pm

Roche was an excellent domestique this Tour, really served Contador well, Contador was not able to respond to Froome though.

Delighted Martin got a Stage win (Ireland with same no. of stage wins as France), but felt sorry for him in the last week. Still a very creditable performance and at 26 he has many good years ahead of him.
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Re: Tour de France

Postby icebaby » July 22nd, 2013, 8:14 pm

IanD wrote:
icebaby wrote:It would be nice to see a post about the actual race... Big day tomorrow, twice around the Alp d'huez

I think you have the wrong end of the stick. It is up and down Alp d'Huez that is difficult :lol: :wink:

Todays stage is going to be great. With 2 min 24 sec separating second to fifth it is primed for attacks. People cant really band together to attack Froome because they are protecting their position and wanting to attack those around them.

Quintana has a big advantage with the fact his team seem very strong and the fact Valverde is now his domestique. With Rui Costa winning a stage he seems to be in good shape too. He was also born around 1000 meters higher than Alpe-d'Huez which should help.

I think that Mollema's position has been strengthened by his teammate Ten Dam losing positions today as now Belkin can concentrate solely on him. He has 35 sec advantage on Quintana and will need his team to help him to keep it.

Contador and KREUZIGER are not going to attack each other as they are on the same team but I expect them to work together to put pressure on those behind them to consolidate their podium positions (sponsors want podiums) rather than attack Froome. If Froome cracks that would be great for them but it is a risk to attack him for it to fail and they lose one if not both of their podium positions (sponsors want podiums).

From reports there are cyclists questioning the safety of the descent of Alpe-d'Huez. This usually is led by poor descenders but with Contador and Quintana being very good descenders I think this could have a big impact too. If these two can open a gap before they go back Alpe-d'Huez it could make for a very interesting day. Also ITV 4 mentioned a chance of rain tomorrow which make the descent really slippy.

My prediction is for lots of breakaways and I think some of the main teams will try and get someone into a break to help out team leaders later in the stage. I have a feeling one of the breakaways will win the stage because of the descent of the Col De Serenne being so tough. They can get some time in the bank and the leaders will be watching each other and not really care.

Either way should be a great day. ITV 4 are staring coverage at 1pm. Cant wait.

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