Rise in abusive posts

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Rise in abusive posts

Postby limecat » May 5th, 2016, 9:50 am

The moderators on forum.leinsterfans.com have always taken a light approach to moderating the forum and we feel that this has been successful for the most part. However over the last while an undercurrent of abuse and on occasion some mild harassment has crept into a very small minority of posts on the forum. We cannot condone this in any way and we feel that it is something that could damage the community that we have all contributed to and built up over the years.

With that in mind, we'd like to remind all of our posters of the forum rules, specifically the paragraphs under the headings of "Abusive Posts" and "Harassment and / or Bullying". Over the next while we will be taking a stronger stance on posts that we consider to contravene the rules of the forum. It saddens me that a forum that for the most part had become self-moderating has reached the stage that we feel we need to step in, but we have a duty of care to protect all of the members of the forum from abuse and harassment.

If you feel that a post is inappropriate or abusive in any way, please report it and it will be dealt with by the moderators. If you find yourself getting annoyed regularly by the opinions of certain posters, consider adding them to your list of foes. You can manage your lists of friends and foes under the User Control Panel (link at top left). If you would prefer not to make use of this feature, please refrain from letting your annoyance spill over into abuse.

The Moderators.
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