James Lowe signs for Leinster

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Re: James Lowe signs for Leinster

Postby desperado » May 8th, 2017, 11:48 pm

leinsterforever wrote:
desperado wrote:
Blueberry wrote:Agreed re DK - he's struggling with injuries and the kids are catching up and surpassing fast.

Big question for me is where Carbery plays - if the powers that be want him on the pitch while Sexton is at 10 (in our bigger games) then he's 15 and we have Lowe and Byrne on the wings.

A back three of Carbery, Lowe and Byrne is dangerous !!

with Isa, Rob K, O'Loughlin and other kids in support and Ferg !! Not too shabby really.

Off the Jame Lowe topic; but in reply to Carberry's position it's interesting to hear BOD say he thinks Carberry would be better played at fullback. Heard him on MNR on OFB maybe 2 weeks or so ago? The main point he was making was his attacking talents are better suited coming from fullback - unpredictable looseness, playing what space appears, step etc ; and that the at outhalf the more structured approach required means you may not be maximising his talents.

Maybe. But then again playing 10 didn't/doesn't seem to stop Carter and Barrett from running freely

That's not the point BOD was making (me rehashing :-)). It's not that playing 10 stops any running freely; but that getting possession at 15 is more conducive to the 'free spirit' - you'll generally have more time/space etc. There are much more strictures at 10; and the decision making on when to pass/kick/run is really what makes a great outhalf.
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