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Re: Leinster Scrumhalves

Postby LeRouxIsPHat » June 7th, 2019, 11:36 am

JGP is fit, he was fit for the Munster game. And Kleyn qualifies after him.

Ireland's gameplan and Joe's whole approach to the game is famous for its detail, the idea that a scrumhalf would be left out of the training squad but be likely to be thrown in and learn everything so close to a World Cup is honestly crazy.

There is no good reason for him to not be in this squad if he's going to Japan, none.
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Re: Leinster Scrumhalves

Postby Workhorse » June 7th, 2019, 1:53 pm

mildlyinterested wrote:I said his kicking wasn't great and as a 20 year old, he isn't always going to make the right decision but he does get the ball out of the breakdown quickly, not flapping his arms or complaining to the ref and for a young 9 he showed improved decision making as the game went on. it wasn't his best game, but it was certainly very good, there is a reason leo tried to sign him and it's because he is a top tier prospect at 9, much better than anything we have in our system currently or have had come through since probably the early days of professionalism.

if he was a leinster produced prospect, the excitement around his potential future would be huge.

Getting the ball out quickly 9/10 times is down to the forwards and people are seriously underestimating how good and big this forward pack are, they may be slightly smaller than their English counterparts but they're still pretty big.
As I said he obviously has potential and thats probably why Leo tried to sign him if he did but I think the whole greatest thing since sliced bread talk is completely over the top, he's got a brilliant pass and is very quick but that's not all you need in a scrum half and I haven't seen anything in the rest of his game to go with "best 9 in professional era" stuff, people forget just how good Luke McGrath was at U20 level
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Re: Leinster Scrumhalves

Postby mildlyinterested » June 7th, 2019, 1:58 pm

McGrath was very good at u20 level, but his pass let him down as it still does on occasion.

Casey's pass separates himself from the rest due to his pass.
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