Irl V Arg ratings and post match comment

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Irl V Arg ratings and post match comment

Postby Oldschool » November 23rd, 2008, 2:33 pm

15 Murphy - Justified his selection
14 Bowe - Got slated by the panel, but he made two telling runs coming in off his wing a la Shaggy, so justified his selection.
(One of the panel crucified him for scoring a try - makes you wonder!)
13 Justified his selection
12 Justified his selection
11 Probably the best back on show.
10 MOTM - Should have been a forward.
9 Justified his selection
HB comment - Rog wasn't standing deep enough in attack, gave his centres no space.
Tols pass too slow, but other aspects fine.
Gareth Edwards, had a sh%te pass when he started internationally
So get the specialists to work on this.
Stringer should be second choice and we need to find another SH - Willis maybe?
1 Horan - Scrummed well and maybe from now on this is all he should concentrate on as DK introduces the next generation.
Let the youngs lads do the hod carrying.
2 Both performed well - no complaints
3 Primary duties, all boxes ticked - Well done again.
4 Tough going and kept going
5 Tough going and kept going
6 Now that he's started, he's entitled to startt the next 3/4 to establish himself.
Please don't bring back any golden oldies. Leamy should be on the bench for this trial period.
7 Another good game - Mr consistency.
8 Heaslip - Would be my MOTM of the match - All action performance.
Did the tough stuff (It was called unseen work when Axel was No 8).
Supported the player in possession well and on another occasion might have scored a try.
Ireland need to adjust their tactics to get the best out of his dynamic ball handing.

Contrary to some opinion, the next WC starts now. (in fact it started last year - Seedings remember??)
So where does DK go from here.
The munster style does'nt work at international.
Therefore talk of bringing this into the Ireland setup is a blind alley.
We have to use all our resources and talents and combine them into a running game.
In the next 6N DK has to start removing the old guard.
The simple criteria - If a player is unlikely to been around for the next WC then he should no longer start games.
In the following Autumn internationals, unfortunately DK must leave these players out of the squad altogether.
Ireland should use the 7 a sides to develop ball skills, positioning etc.
DK and the squad also need to start dotting the i's and crossing the t's.
A few examples
(Don't throw to the tail of the lineout in your own 22 at any time, but especially not the first lineout)
(Know when to tap full penalties and when not)
(Right footed player kicks to left touch line and visa versa, when opportunities arise)
DK should build a handbook on this sort of stuff and make it compusory reading.
I kid you not - I've seen enough in the last few games to realise that it's needed.
There should be an annual proficiency test on it - announced at short notice and players should be fined if they don't reach a certain level in the test.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall who's the greatest player of them all? It is Drico your majesty.
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