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Re: Ireland Under 20 2016

Postby Oldschool » June 28th, 2016, 1:32 pm

Fireworks wrote:
Oldschool wrote:
simonokeeffe wrote:JOD is interesting as he hardly bulked up at all after u20s despite being a big carrying 8, albeit only 6'1 or 6'2, was shoehorned in as a 7 and looks to be Munster's Jordi Murphy now and possibly a 6 going forward but being 20 in their strongest team

Said this before on Conan but he does need a rocket up his arse/a good narky 9 to keep his workrate up

Conan is a stone heavier; what impresses me about Deegan's weight is he looks lean so will be interesting to see what weight he levels off at

However I managed it Ive seen Deegan play as much schools as u20 so would have seen Conan a lot more

The two inches will win out.

Size matters...

Well that's been my experience at any rate!
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Re: Ireland Under 20 2016

Postby Xanthippe » June 28th, 2016, 6:06 pm

Oldschool wrote:
Fireworks wrote:
Oldschool wrote:The two inches will win out.

Size matters...

Well that's been my experience at any rate!

Oh no poor Oldschool - at times girls can be so cruel to small guys
Does it help you to talk about it here?


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Re: Ireland Under 20 2016

Postby tate » June 28th, 2016, 9:07 pm

well this thread has taken a turn
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Re: Ireland Under 20 2016

Postby erskinechilders » December 8th, 2016, 5:58 pm

Anyone have any idea who will be main guys for the 20s this year when it comes to 6N and the World Cup?
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Re: Ireland Under 20 2016

Postby dropkick » December 15th, 2016, 3:21 pm

erskinechilders wrote:Anyone have any idea who will be main guys for the 20s this year when it comes to 6N and the World Cup?

Eligible players from last season: Cillian Gallagher, Bill Johnston, Jonny McPhillips,
U20s in academies: The 3 above plus, Gavin Coombes, John Foley, Calvin Nash, Fineen Wycherley, Jordan Larmour, Jonny Stewart, Marcus Rae, Peter Cooper, Rory Butler,

Most of those won't be a million miles away from the squad.
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Re: Ireland Under 20 2016

Postby goreyguy » December 15th, 2016, 4:07 pm

Loosehead Prop
Greg McGrath(Leinster/Lansdowne)
Joey Conway(Munster/UL Bohs)
James Kendrick(Munster/UCC)
Matthew Burke(Connacht/Galwegians)
Richie Mouatt(Leinster/UCD)

A lot of unknowns in this group, Conway the only players starting regularly in the AIL.
McGrath & Mouatt have been playing u20 rugby.
Kendrick & Burke have played some AIL.

Tighthead Prop
Dylan Murphy(Munster/Shannon)
Peter Kelleher(Munster/UL Bohs)
Martin Mulhall(Leinster/Lansdowne)
Peter Cooper(Ulster/Belfast Harlequins)
Mick McCormack(Leinster/St. Marys)

Murphy and Kelleher have struggled with injury this season.
Cooper playing regularly in the AIL.
Mulhall part of a very impressive scrum at u20 level.
McCormack has played some AIL.

Tadhg McElroy(Leinster/Lansdowne)
Conor Maguire(Leinster/Old Wesley)
Adam Moloney(Munster/Shannon)
Mark O'Meara(Munster/Young Munster)
Ronan Kelleher(Leinster/UCD)

McElroy a regular member of Lansdowne's 1st string squad, usually featuring off the bench.
Maguire a regular starter for Old Wesley.
O'Meara & Moloney have played some AIL this season.
Kelleher has struggled with injury.

Cillian Gallagher(Connacht/Corinthians) - played last season
Jack Regan(Leinster/UCD)
Oisin Dowling(Leinster/Lansdowne)
Fineen Whycherly(Munster/Young Munster)
Ronan Coffey(Munster/Shannon)

Gallagher impressed last season, just returned from injury. Could be captain.
Regan, Coffey & Whycherly have played some AIL this season.
Dowling recently returned from injury.

Marcus Rea(Ulster/Queens)
Gavin Coombes(Munster/Young Munster)
John Foley(Munster/Shannon) - played last season
Caelan Doris(Leinster/St. Marys) - u19
Paul Boyle(Leinster/Lansdowne)
Barry Fitzpatrick(Leinster/Lansdowne)
Tom De Jongh(Leinster/Old Belvedere)
Jonny Guy(Leinster/UCD)
Sean Masterson(Connacht/Corinthians) - u19

Rea is injured at the moment, was Ireland u19 captain.
Coombes, Foley, Doris, Boyle all start regularly in the AIL.
Guy, Fitzpatrick & De Jongh all have played some AIL this season.
Masterson has been playing AIL as a second row.

Niall Saunders(Harlequins) - played last season
Jonny Stewart(Ulster/Queens) - u19
Jack Stafford(Munster/Shannon)
Keith Kavanagh(Munster/Shannon)
James Lennon(Munster/UL Bohs)
Jack Lyons(Munster/Young Munster)

Saunders played u20's last season.
Stewart, Lennon, Kavanagh & Stafford have all played AIL this season.
Lyons is returning from injury.

Bill Johnston(Munster/Garryowen) - played last season
Conor Fitzgerald(Munster/Shannon)
Alan Tynan(Munster/Young Munster)
Ciaran Frawley(Leinster/UCD)
Conor Dean(Leinster/St. Marys) - u19
Johnny McPhillips(Ulster/Ballynahinch) - played last season
Luke Carty(Connacht/Buccaneers)

Johnston played u20's last season.
All players a playing regularly at AIL level.

Rory Butler(Ulster/Queens)
Tommy O'Brien(Leinster/UCD) - u19
Gavin Mullin(Leinster/UCD)
Jack Kelly(Leinster/DUFC)
Alex McHenry(Munster/Cork Con)
Peadar Collins(Munster/Garryowen)
Callum Smith(Ulster/Malone) - u19

Kelly has started regularly at 15 in the AIL.
Butler, O'Brien & Collins have regular playing time in AIL.
Mullin is injured.
McHenry & Smith have some gametime in AIL.

Back Three
Rob Lyttle(Ulster/Queens)
Calvin Nash(Munster/Young Munster)
Jordan Larmour(Leinster/St. Marys)
Colm Hogan(Munster/DUFC)
Liam Coombes(Munster/Garryowen)
Conor Kelly(Ulster/Queens)
Tim Carroll(Leinster/UCD)

Lyttle has played pro 12.
Nash, Larmour, Hogan, Coombes & Kelly have regular starts in AIL.
Carroll & Hogan are injured.
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Re: Ireland Under 20 2016

Postby goreyguy » December 15th, 2016, 4:10 pm

Possible side:

1. Greg McGrath
2. Tadgh McElroy
3. Martin Mulhall
4. Jack Regan
5. Cillian Gallagher(captain)
6. Caelan Doris
7. John Foley
8. Gavin Coombes
9. Niall Saunders
10. Bill Johnston
11. Calvin Nash
12. Tommy O'Brien
13. Jack Kelly
14. Jordan Larmour
15. Colm Hogan
16. Conor Maguire
17. Joey Conway
18. Peter Cooper
19. Oisin Dowling
20. Barry Fitzpatrick
21. Jonny Stewart
22. Johnny McPhillips
23. Rory Butler
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