Only 6 NIE players left in Irish pro rugby next season

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Re: Only 6 NIE players left in Irish pro rugby next season

Postby rooster » July 8th, 2019, 6:54 pm

LeRouxIsPHat wrote:
johng wrote:Or you could also look at it from the point of view that we could sign players for the benefit of team "culture" An Isa or a Pienaar or a Howlett who not only plug gaps but drive the team on. Especially when the International players are away. You only need one or 2.

I'd love to see Fardy and Pienaar stay on as coaches over here too. I know that coaching won't suit everyone but they strike me as two guys who it would really suit and they both have particular areas of expertise that could make them very useful. In other words, it might be a bit risky to give them the keys to the kingdom as forwards or attack coach straight away, but they could build into it by helping with the lineout or kicking respectively and then help out wherever else was necessary.

Apart from Isa I can't really remember Leinster players talking any other NIE up as much as they do with Fardy.
Seems Pienaar is heading to Cheetahs, he took death of his sister in SA very badly and dont think he has played since. I suppose with just him left he has gone back to be with his father.
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