Wales V Ireland 6N 2019 (Accomodation)

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Wales V Ireland 6N 2019 (Accomodation)

Postby MylesNaGapoleen » March 6th, 2019, 4:02 pm

Just Noticed that the new ZIP hotel is open in cardiff this month...about 3km from millenium stadium. It is promoted at 19quid per night but you can double that, at least. I just booked 2 nights for 120quid. I had previously booked accom in newport which was 300quid for 2 nights.

And Cardiff Quinns are opening up their car park again (they did it for the world cup in 2015...and 2017 for wales v Ireland) see the post below thanks to

As an irish exile, I help run a rugby club in Cardiff that opened its car parks during the 2015 RWC and we had great fun with over 1000 staying on that weekend. I also wont lie that it helped secure great funding for our club.

With that in mind is there a demand for cheap accommodation in Cardiff for that weekend? We would probably limit it to campervans because of the wet weather during the Winter but we had over 100 hired vans here on that 1/4 final weekend.

Some people who stayed with us then have asked again and I would like to offer this to others if you need it. At the very least you won't be paying the money to the hotels in Cardiff.

We had some interest in this in 2017 and with the Ireland vs Wales game on the final weekend of the tournament in Cardiff in 2019 the rugby club is going to open up the car park for camping again.

Let me know if you are interested.


Paul Driscoll

Email me on rwc . cardiffquins @ gmail . com if you are interested.
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Re: Wales V Ireland 6N 2019 (Accomodation)

Postby FLIP » March 6th, 2019, 11:10 pm

Ah, fond memories of camping at Cardiff quins back in 2011 for the HC final.

Trying to pronounce Radyr after a skin full was a pain.
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