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Re: Pro 12 - General Thread

Postby kermischocolate » April 21st, 2017, 5:38 pm

simonokeeffe wrote:
Ruckedtobits wrote:The Welsh teams suffer from the fact the rugby in Wales is very like GAA in Ireland in its affiliations. Parish and Club is the bedrock. Regions / Provinces don't cut it, even if the standard is notionally higher.

Since 1995, the outlook hasn't changed. It's either Club or Country. No space for Regions. e.g. Pontypridd is only aj few miles from Cardiff but they hate each other and Ponty would plan a Welsh League at the same time as Cardiff play a European game, primarily to ensure their supporters aren'ttempted to go to the EPCR game.

No chance of solving that unless a Welsh Region wins something big. As soon as that happens, the others will follow suit and support Regions.

Thats a good point, regional rugby there is like the Railway Cup here. But also Ospreys have done the best as theyre the most regional

This was exactly the problem with the Borders. Or so I'm told.
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Re: Pro 12 - General Thread

Postby simonokeeffe » April 21st, 2017, 6:55 pm

that got mentioned before, maybe likes of Jim Telfer will piece that together with Lions representation
When he spreads his legs like that youd need dynamite or the Highland Light Infantry to shift him.
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