David Nucifora - 2015/2016

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Re: David Nucifora - 2015/2016

Postby rooster » March 20th, 2017, 12:52 am

Munsterboy wrote:
rooster wrote:
simonokeeffe wrote:[quote="ronk"]Hope VDF gets a long contract

Crazy not to give him three years

Depends how much they offer, he could opt for 2 and then push a rise again for a 3

Would be the smart move to refuse a longer deal if they're not offering him top dollar (because they know he wants to stay in Ireland and establish himself in the Irish team). Two years down the line, assuming he's made himself a permanent fixture in the Ireland squad, he'll be in a position to push for more.[/quote]
It has happened before that young upcoming players have gone for 2 year deals
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