IS Bride citizenship revoked.

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Are the British right to revoke the IS bride's citizenship?

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Re: IS Bride citizenship revoked.

Postby Logorrhea » February 25th, 2019, 3:30 pm

Peg Leg wrote:
Give this a listen folks. 2 women in the same circumstance

Yeah those guys did the Caliphate podcast series. An interesting listen too about other Western people that went to support the Caliphate, did some horrible sh!t to perfectly innocent people, then when it all went to shit, came back home and pretended it never happened.

He was a victim too.
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Re: IS Bride citizenship revoked.

Postby Oldschool » March 9th, 2019, 7:53 pm

So it appears we have our very own IS bride.
It's a fair bet that our taoiseach is regretting lecturing the brits about their own bridal difficulties.
The well heeled Muslim community won't be one bit impressed with either Mr V or our their ISbride.
In general Mr V has been a good taoiseach but he has, on occasion, been guilty of foot'nmouth, a dangerous malady.
My advice to Mr V top believing your own or anyone else's press.
Snd always remember, free advice is worthless.
Mirror, Mirror on the Wall who's the greatest player of them all? It is Drico your majesty.
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