Remax J1 & J2 League Section A & B opinions please.

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Remax J1 & J2 League Section A & B opinions please.

Postby gleesonisgod » September 11th, 2008, 5:50 pm

To the junior rugby playing masses. I play J1s/J2s for one of the big clubs so we are in section A in both leagues.

My understanding of squad selection was that you were only permitted 3 subs as it was unfair if bigger clubs were able to feild a squad of 22 and the smaller junior clubs were only able to string together 18 or so.

Now that the leagues have been split into section A and B i think in section A you should be allowed to field a full 22 or at least 20. It makes it very unfair on a lot of players as the J2 squad I train with could easily have 25 at training on a Tuesday and Thursday which leave a lot of people excluded on a Saturday. Also how the hell do you pick only 3 subs for a Rugby match? Prop, backrow and "utility back". It's not like a J2's team have Ollie for across the front row or Austin Healy for backrow/the whole backline.

Basically I think the system is unfair and exclusive and causes a lot of players to pack it in after a month or two.

Any thoughts?
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