Marys V Belvo 2008 SCT Final

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Re: Marys V Belvo 2008 SCT Final

Postby ruggerbugger » March 2nd, 2008, 9:26 pm

bunty85 wrote:
ruggerbugger wrote:Monkstown lads, we suck!!!!! For the next few years, it'll be the same old story - losing in the 1st round or Quarter-Finals. It doesnt make sense why we never really compete like we did this year because we are roughly the same size school as Michaels, Marys, Terenure etc.

If we get rid of that absolute f%~king w&%ker of a man who is running the school then we will improve but it is also the old guard teachers that are coaching us.

Foxy, how many years coaching the S? Semis were his best result and a runners-up in the League twice (01 & 03). The Vinnie Inch doesnt count because Monkstown should never be in the Competition. We should at least qualify out of our group in the League every year. Also, he doesnt even have a 100% record in the Vinnie, 4 times in the Competition(2003,2005,2006,2007), 4 Finals (03,05,06,07), 3 times Champions (03,05,07). Poor coach.

Having Benny Roe coach anyone is insulting. Real nice guy but a joke of a coach. Leyden = 2 JCTs and out in the 1st round of both (not even to good teams, Roscrea in 2006 and Gonzaga this year). Berry is the definition of negativity and is a hindrance rather than a help. Ferguson hasnt had great results but he is young, a CBC man and understands rugby. Walsh looks like he has given up which is a shame (1998 Junior League Champs). Monty did a good job this year with Corcoran and others. It is a shame DK is leaving especially from a rugby point of view. After the 6th years leave, there is nothing keeping him there. He is not liked by the other teachers and he isnt allowed coach rugby even though he won the Junior League in 2005 with these 6th years.

A good Monkstown team comes along every 7-10 years. There was this year then in 2000 we lost to Terenure 28-22 in the semis and before that? 1984? 1976? We have produced some very good players but not very good players in the same year like we had this year. Even last year was a good team. When they were Js in 2004 they had a good run beating Roscrea and Belvo before losing to eventual winners Rock in the semis, 0-0 at half time. There is potential in CBC and a lot of it but the kids need to be coached properly.

The Cup won't be coming to CBC for quite some time unless Keating f%~ks off, Foxy, Benny and Jazzy are never on a rugby field again and we leave it to the young coaches like DK, Monty, Corcoran and Ferguson. Also, if we are to succeed we need some proffesional coaches for our Js and especially the SCT.

Anyway, thats my rant

I went to CBC, I know the medicrity of some of the coaches who coached. I agree with a lot of what you say, but thats a ridiculously negative post there. Firstly Ferguson has had good enough results, his first year semis of the sct in 2000 and was to the forefront in our revival since 2000. I know how poor rugby was in the 90s in the school. Now DK, as much as the guy got them going as a good year, very commited ect, the guy can't complain about coaches like Monty and Fergie. I was coahed by the guy, wanted to play an 'expansive' game like his alma mater in Rock but couldn't come up with a plan B, exhibit Q final versus Nure in '05. Both Fergie and Monty reached semi finals and were unlucky not to go further. The school has definately improved coaching wise and a lot of the 'old guard' are gone. Be positive, the only really shocking year we've had since 2000 in SCT rugby was '06 when it was all 4th years. Yes we should be aiming high like this year and things are improving, pro coaches are coming in. I won't comment on the man in charge because my views would be censored! We probably should have won it this year but thats the cup, Marys deserve to be in the final with their cup mentality. We'll win it eventually, chins up.

Anyway, anyone know what day the munster final is? Castletroy in the final, heard they won a cracker versus PBC. Amazing achievment for such a young rugby school.

We were apalling in the 90s so anything since 2000 would be considered a revival but anyway lets take a look at our SCT results in this decade:
2000: Semi-Finals (Terenure 22-28)
2001: ?
2002: ?;League runners-up (Roscrea 7-8)
2003: Quarter-Finals (Marys 3-29); Vinnie winners (Wesley 14-8)
2004: 1st Round replay (Belvo); League runners-up (Kings Hos 5-14)
2005: 1st Round (Marys 0-20): Vinnie winners (Mount Temple)
2006: 1st Round (Castleknock 0-30); Vinnie bottlers (Kings Hos 24-35)
2007: Quarter-Finals (Terenure 3-5); Vinnie Winners (Templeogue 20-7)
2008: Semi-Finals (Marys 10-22); League Champions (Andrews 18-10)

Not great, forget 2001 and 2002 results but we didnt get anywhere. JCT 2005, DK wasnt the only coach. Jazzy unfortunately was there. Completely different coaches. Players didnt know what to do. Schools rugby is very simple especially JCT rugby, spread it wide to the wingers and you will score tries. That was DKs philosophy and it worked pretty well in 1st and 2nd year while Jazzy is kick the ball and use the forwards. Jazzy doesnt believe that 11,12,13,14,15 are offensive weapons aswell. I spoke to some players from that team and both coaches were telling them completely different things.

I was thinking more about my rant. The Junior School has terrible coaches and it is emphasised by poor numbers on the SCT. Foley, Flood and Rogers in the 15 and Conroy also on the bench. 3 out of 15! 4 out of 22! The junior School equates for 30% of the Senior School. There needs to be a radical change for CBC to be good. Next year will be filled with 5th years because the present 5th years are poor apart from Gould, O'Brien, Ging and Conroy. Our Js might win the league next year but the 1st years are terrible - they lost to Naas with their full team. Shocking!!!
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Re: Marys V Belvo 2008 SCT Final

Postby Leinsterman » March 2nd, 2008, 10:20 pm

Can't believe that Jazzy B and Benny are allowed even near teams that aren't U13s or U14s. It was always Fox or Leonard who coached the Seniors.... well, after Skinner left anyway.
White always did a good job coaching the U12s in the junior school but that's an awfully long time ago. the sound of a Sivivatu slap!
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Re: Marys V Belvo 2008 SCT Final

Postby bunty85 » March 3rd, 2008, 12:05 am

We should just have a forum to sound of about CBC rugby, not in the finals forum! You make some good points but the system is changing from what I hear. There's 3 young guys in there now, Monty, Fergie and Corcoran, all past pupils and good coaches basically running the rugby down there these days. I think they've shown that its important to get in outside help-Nigel Osborne for example, to take them forward. Hopfully once the current administration at the top leaves, more can be done to get the rugby at the level it was this year more consistantly. BTW I think Benny is retired from coaching and Jazzy isn't taking any cup teams for a while. I should hope not after '06, most never felt worse than watching that 'campaign'.
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Re: Marys V Belvo 2008 SCT Final

Postby Vikingdub » March 8th, 2008, 12:03 am

i missed the first half and missed the tackle everyone is talking aout it... don't suppose there's anyway of seeing it no? mary's lads... is richard bent a representative player?

Think they are showing it again on Setanta tomorrow night 7pm
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Re: Marys V Belvo 2008 SCT Final

Postby gameon » March 13th, 2008, 12:57 am

I'm looking to write a piece on schools rugby from the players and fans perspective and looking to talk those involved in the game or who have previously been involved in the game. I want to know what it's really like and what really goes on in the dressing room and the stands. All stories treated in complete confidentiality. Give us an insight into the schools rugby world. Contact me on schoolsrugby at gmail dot com.
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Re: Marys V Belvo 2008 SCT Final

Postby » November 16th, 2008, 11:30 pm

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