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Postby ormond lad » October 11th, 2018, 6:01 pm

hugonaut wrote:
ormond lad wrote:
Ruckedtobits wrote:Celtic Cup and Interpros are light years ahead of AIL because players are competing against their professional peers. AIL is like Community Service, useful, but achieves nothing and takes somebody out of regular involvement in Club side.
interpros are not and would not be light years ahead of AIL. AIL is nothing like you suggest and you are being extremaly unfair to the league and dismissive of the high standard of the league.

RTB has coached [and managed] at Div 1 level of the AIL.

The AIL is one of the shibboleths of Irish rugby – you can't say anything bad about it. Well, some of the games are good and some of the games are sh*t, just like any other competition.
Ah interesting.
I still wouldnt be as dismissive of the league. Celtic Cup/interpros only go so far especially some of the interpro games that were on this season
Wouldnt put them as light years ahead.
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